We are happy to announce that all members of the Mascoulisse Quartet are now part of the large and innovative family of #lezionidimusicaonline.

We immediately liked this project, conceived and developed by the wonderful arranger, composer and conductor Stefano Fonzi.

Stefano has created the portal #lezionidimusicaonline- connect to it now and see why we’re so excited and honored to be a part of it,

This portal will allow you to study music at any level, be it basic, intermediate, or to further your education. Teachers are available to hold classes via one or more web-cams which provide students with high-resolution audio and video.

After verifying the availability of the desired teachers, the student must book the lesson at least three hours in advance and may cancel for free up to two hours before the scheduled time

Now do you see why we believe in this?

It gives us the joy of teaching whilst satisfying the natural curiosity, desire for freedom and deeper learning that our students feel and that we ourselves remember very well.

So, are you ready? We’re waiting for you on #lezionidimusicaonline!

web site: Click here

Between Earth and Heaven

The very title of the record, Between Earth and Heaven, portrays the impressions and emotions that my music awakened in the audience that heard them and the musicians that played them.
On one hand, it is depicted as spiritual yet not ethereal. On the other hand, earthly and sensuous.
Music which finds itself between Earth and…Spirit.

Disc now available

New York tournèe 2016

New York tournèe 2016
Dear friends, followers and fans! It is our most great pleasure to tell you that in the beginning of may we will be in NEW YORK for a series of concerts!!! If any of our american friends are interested in booking us during this period please write us an e-mail!