Fermarono i cieli – New videoclip

Dear friends,
It is for us a great pleasure to share our very first video with Eleonora Buratto: an international soprano and artist, but especially a dear friend. it has been a wonderful experience for us to play “Fermarono i cieli” with her, a Christmas carol by Sant’Alfonso de’ Liguori. Together we decided to dedicate this video to the Butterfly Children (Debra S├╝dtirol – Alto Adige) and to Mantua.
A special thanks to everyone who took part in this project,
Merry Christmas

Fermarono i cieli – Click here

Mascoulisse Quartet in Maurizio Miri and Fery

Minimal black, crisp suits, brass instruments and silver.

Tailored suits by Marizio Miri and handmade accessories by Fery for the Mascoulisse Quartet.

What ties these three names together? Objectives, ongoing research and passion directing their every step.What do these three names have in common? Their desire to communicate something meaningful, unique and to leave a mark able to resonate with people.

Before entering a project we need to feel motivated, a sense of belonging and the freedom for the creative mind to manage a project from start to finish. When these criteria are met, we can’t help but take part in these projects which are guaranteed to be smooth and flowing.

Our collaboration could be defined as three roads intertwined into one which we chose to walk together. Where each one shares personal opinions and views, thus contributing to the new style of the Mascoulisse Quartet.

Maurizio Miri for the Mascoulisse Quartet: designer jackets, total black.

A glance, a chat, was all it took for Maurizio to re-create the Quartet’s style, further enhancing their elegance and uniqueness. Miri’s jackets are synonym for timeless elegance. We, in fact, find the designer’s trademark in every single detail like a personal signature.

Loved in the world of music and entertainment, by Fabio Fazio, Francesco Renga and Francesco Sarcina; Maurizio handles every aspect of the work including the direct relationship with those interested and fascinated with his fashion statement. Miri is the creator of a new concept where porportions, cuts and fits are absolutely original like his seams, buttonhole on the lapel, buttons and lines.

This appears quite clearly with the Quartet as every musician has his own style identity but is beautifully linked to the other members through Miri’s impeccable taste.

Fery for the Mascoulisse Quartet: reticulated silver with a hint of rock

Fery, pseudonym for the silver craftsmanship completely handmade by Sara Capoferri has once again been chosen by the Mascoulisse. Every jewel created is completely unique and customized to meet the customers personality and personal taste.

The collaboration between Fery and Mascoulisse Quartet is also friendship and esteem that evolved throughout the years. Her’s are the bow ties in patent leather with a silver band, the tieclip and cufflinks used in exclusive events branded MAS.

Other than the Quartet, Sara has created accessories for celebrites and artists like Asia Argento, Andy (Bluevertigo), Mariyln Manson, for Laura Pausini’s orchestra in the tv show Laura&Paola (Rai1), the visionary Dorothy Bhawl for the silver details of Davide Toffolo (Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti) mask, the photo shoots of musician/poet Lory Muratti and guitarist Faio Mittino.

For this new project with the Mascoulisse, Fery proposed something bizarre for any classical musician, responding to the Quartet’s growing demand for modern pieces and elements they will wear broaches, pendents, and rings which combined to their minimal designer clothes will add a hint of rock and freshness to their style.